I’ve decided against switching to a webtoon format. I’ve got far more followers on Line Webtoon than any of the other comic sites, and if combined with Tapastic, another webtoon site and the site where I have the next largest amount of followers, than I have more than four times as many followers on the webtoon sites as on the non-webtoon sites. I didn’t see any response on the webtoon sites though when I floated the idea of changing the comic, but I got a few new watchers on Deviant Art from the Dreilide bikini pic. Battlescarred Dragattica pg 10 did better than usual too, which makes me think the correct answer is more fan service. In retrospect only two things have ever performed well for me on Deviant Art – the JR-Prise and pin-up girls. The people have spoken, more pin-up girls and fan service it is. Who’s to say the story of reproduction isn’t the most important story of all? It’s kind of dumb to belittle the things that got us here. No male gaze, no bay-bays.