I got a little slammed this last week. Winter is coming in, and I had to take down the new chimney I put up last fall, to burn the glaze-type creosote out of the pipes. The good news is, I brushed the pipes out enough over the last winter to prevent much glaze creosote from building up. I couldn’t get what was in there to burn. Glaze is very dangerous if enough of it gets built up. It doesn’t take anything to ignite glaze and it burns at 2-3000 degrees.  Or so I’m told. So I’m glad to see that situation is under control. Getting the chimney down wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and now that I know what I’m doing and have my scaffolding, it will be even less of an issue in the future. It cost me most of my free time over the last week though, and the rest was ate up by settling down a new dog that showed up. People just keep dumping their dogs here. I’ve got four of them now. The newest is probably a pit bull, just what you’d want to show up. This one is sweet as can be though. I think I see what the problem with the breed is now – apparently they were initially bred to hunt vermin and they do it by running running running until they run up on a mouse or something. I never thought of a pit bull as a running dog but they effortlessly flow over the ground like nothing I’ve seen before. They’ve got a gait like a Tennessee Walking Horse. I can see how they’d get neurotic and crazy if they were pent up all the time, even if lousy people weren’t trying to fight them.

Anyway, between the chimney and the dog, I barely managed to keep my update schedule this week. If I’d been painting or coloring the comic, I would have missed updates.

For that reason and a couple others, I’m re-reconsidering coloring the next story and changing the format. It might be better to do a special short story, after the character development anthology is finished, to see if the webtoon format would perform better. I’ve got the next waifu story written for 22 pages, and after that I’ve got a 7 page outro written. Battlescarred Dragattica ended up being over twice as long as what I initially wrote it as, and if that trend continues the next story will be 44 pages long and the outro will be 14 pages long. That would make the character development anthology, in total, 131 pages long. It would be a shame to break that up with a change in art style and format, just to test a theory that might not pan out. I made a lot of good points, in the last post, in favor of switching to the webtoon format. That may be the right thing to do, to bring in more readers now, but it would be nice to hold the complete 131 page book in my hands and have all the stories in the same style and format.

I’m going to be cutting firewood soon, which eats up insane amounts of time, so it’s likely I won’t be able to do a more time-consuming style till next summer anyway.

Looking at this month’s traffic, well, I don’t really know how to read this. We’re two-thirds of the way through the month, and I’m at 3000 unique visitors, and 4,220 total visits. For October. Possibly that means 3000 people visited the sit and 1200 came back, but the come-backs are likely a smaller number, depending on how many people had cookies disabled.

Over the five months “Way of the Waifu” has been up, there have been 5000 unique visitors and 7,400 visits. I suppose that means something like 2,400 visitors liked the comic enough to come back for a second or third look. I don’t know if that’s a good number, but it’s not a bad number. Is it enough to make a crowdfunding campaign plausible? The website has served up 70,000 pages, which is enough for 1,000 people to have read the whole thing. Of course that’s not what actually happened, maybe 100 people read the whole thing and liked it and 4,900 people read some combination of 63,000 pages. Hmmm, actually looking at the duration of visits is useful – two-thirds of the visitors spent two minutes or less on the site. Some of those could be people who are very interested, but they only needed to read the newest page. I’ll assume most aren’t though. On the high end, are people who spent an hour or more on the site – I can hardly believe that’s possible – there are 167 of those. Then there are 158 who spent 30 mins to an hour on the site. That’s over 300 people who are either very interested in the comic, or who left it open in a browser tab and forgot about it. Who knows? If I had to judge by the amount of fan interaction in the comments or forum, I’d have to say nearly no one likes the comic, but in the era of social media I’m not sure a shortage of comments on my website means anything.

I’d like to try crowdfunding the rest of the character development anthology. I’ll finish the anthology one way or another, there’s no threat of the comic ending here. I’d like to do have the first two books of the anthology as rewards. This would be the only chance to get them with the color covers, and whatever extra art they end up having. After this round of crowdfunding, the print anthology would only be available as one big graphic novel. The covers would be black and white interior pages, and the extra art wouldn’t be included.

As much as I’ve tried, I’ve been unable to find time to do the extra art for the anthology, in addition to the regular comic pages. So I’ll probably have to do the extra art as comic filler. That will happen after Battlescarred Dragattica ends. It won’t be more than four pages, but likely two. Then I’ll get the next waifu story started, and hopefully the crowdfunding campaign going. Sound like a plan?