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It’s sad for them, especially once you realize they’ve wiped out their best reproductive years for, what? No one recognizes them. What was their financial status at the end of their music career? Presumably they didn’t quit because they were making too much money. If I read between the lines, I think they ended up paying the studio for a miserable experience that got them nowhere.

On the bright side, if the comic keeps growing, I might actually manage to turn it into a real band. It doesn’t look like the idols will be an obstacle.

We’re creeping up the TWC charts fairly quickly, I think. We might crack into the two hundreds by the end of the month. We might even stay in the two hundreds in March. That’s not bad at all. The website has only been up for half a year. Where will the comic be in two years? I’m feeling optimistic. The concept for the band will be established and it will already have a following. This may work out really well.