I should have been drawing a page for Wendesday instead of finishing the relettering on Sky Pirate Evangelium, but trying to do a job piecemeal is a good way to make sure it doesn’t get done. Everytime I’d tell myself “I’ll reletter a page or two today,” something else would dispace it, or I’d completely forget about relettering SPE in the first place. So I dug in and got it done. All the text is as big as it’s supposed to be, all the balloons changed, all the pages replaced on all the websites where “Way of the Waifu” runs. It is finished, and I can move on to adjusting the pages for print. Printing is going to be interesting, since the SPE pages will be rotated 180 degrees from the “Moon Weapon Seaman X” pages. The idea is that you read Seaman X, than flip the book over and read SPE. That way I can get two color covers on a black and white book. I bet the printer hasn’t seen that before.

Results are in on the TWC ad, and it did a lot better than I expected. The skyscraper ad I ran on September 9 brought in 330 unique visitors in two days, and the square ad I ran on the 29 brought in 415 uniques. There was a persistant boost after the 9th ad, so some people at least are sticking around. I wonder what the new norm will be after this ad? On the 29th, 4,610 pages were served, well over twice the previous record of 2,141 on the 9th. Pretty good considering only 153 pages were served on the first of September. I don’t know where people were seeing the ad at, I looked for it on Sunday and couldn’t find it anywhere on TWC’s site. I don’t know where they put the big square ad at. I’ll try one of the little cheap square ads next. Those are rather visible.

Things seem to be progressing nicely.