I wrote a few posts on my DA account about the possibility of the opening to Prometheus being a retelling of the Enuma Elish –

Annunaki, pt 4

Annunaki, pt 5

Annunaki, pt 6, The Atrahasis

Annunaki, pt 7 – The Other Jesus

The movie makes a point of telling us that Shaw is a Christian, and hints at Jesus being an Engineer. Supposedly the Engineers were on their way to Earth to kill everyone off for the death of Jesus.

It’s kind of odd that Damon Lindelof, a Jew, would write this stuff, but it may be even stranger –

I haven’t found any information on Peter Weyland’s religion, but he’s a merchant who makes golems, has the Jewish name Peter and names his android after the Hebrew King David.

If Peter Weyland is representing the Jews, Prometheus goes pretty hard on them. Weyland doesn’t ask for enlightenment or forgiveness of his sins. He says he should have eternal life because creating a golem makes him like a god. So he gets killed by being beat to death with the severed head of his own golem, then his daughter is crushed by a falling spaceship, ending his bloodline and exterminating the Jews from the movie. Unless one of the other crew members is Jewish.

With Lindelof as the writer, I may be reading more into this than is really there. The only thing that makes me think Prometheus wasn’t randomly slapped together is the recreation of the Enuma Elish at the beginning of Prometheus. And I could be wrong about that, it may just coincidentally be similar to the Enuma Elish. On the other hand, Prometheus could be a bit of soft disclosure. I may be the only guy in the world who looks at it and sees it connecting the Annunaki, Judaism, and Christianity together. I may be wrong, but to me it looks like that could be what Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof were getting at.