I’m fairly optimistic about how this webcomic is performing. Let’s do some new math and see how things stand. It’s been five months since I started pushing Way of the Waifu outside of Deviant Art. I’ve reached 160 followers across The Duck, Comic Fury, Smack Jeeves, Tapastic, and Line Webtoon. I think I’ve got 304 followers on Deviant Art, but only 30 or 40 have joined since I started posting Way of the Waifu pages. There may be a few more who followed for XTIN and who are interested in Way of the Waifu also, but the comics are very different and I bet there isn’t a huge crossover. So I’ll say there’s 40 followers on DA, which puts us at 200. The great news has been the growth of the website. 53 unique visitors in June, when I put it up, 257 in July, 369 in August, 917 in September. I ran a Top Web Comics ad on the 9th of September, which was responsible for a huge boost. Altogether there have been 1,596 unique visits and 2,668 visits total, so some significant portion of the 1,596 uniques came back. If half of the 1,596 are now following the website, than that’s 800, and I’m up to a thousand followers after five months. Not bad! Continuing to be optimistic, if there’s even one person who is lurking or going undetected for every person I’m guesstimating is following, than that would be 2000 fans. I don’t think it really is that much yet, but that’s the number I wanted to reach before trying any kind of crowdfunding. I don’t know if that’s enough for crowdfunding, and like I said I probably don’t have that many fans yet. The growth rate looks good though and, even the negative view isn’t all that bad. If I have a quarter of the optimistic estimate, that’s 500 fans. an 1/8th, 250 fans, a 1/10th, 200 fans. I doubt there aren’t more fans than the number of followers I have just on DA and the comic host sites. Things are moving in the right direction and I don’t feel bad about investing in more advertising. I’ve got another TWC ad running this Sunday. Be interesting to see how it does!

Speaking of crowdfunding, I feel like it is way too soon. I’d like to see an active comment section first. I’m not sure I even want to do Patreon again. Doing extra rewards takes too much time from the comic. I’d rather do one-time fundraisers for individual stories/books, and have books to sell afterwards. On that note, I’ve been preparing the first issue for print. I’ve gotten a few things in Moon Weapon Seaman X fixed, but unfortunately for me, somehow I made the font too small in Sky Pirate Evangelium and now I have to reletter it. I can’t believe how long that went without being caught, but at least I caught it before it went to print. After that’s fixed, I’ve got to come up with some filler art for the inner cover and whatever excess pages there are. Comic books grow in sections of four pages, i.e. the comic can be 4 pages, 8 pages, 12, 16, 20, 24, etc. If I have 21 comic pages, than I’ve got three blank pages to fill. So there’s the time to do draw whatever I’m going to draw. Maybe I can use it to give credit to backers or something.

Battlescarred Dragattica has at least seven pages left in it. The length keeps increasing, which is normal. The 2nd character anthology issue is going to be 1/3 Trekkee Muyo!, and 2/3’s Battlescarred Dragattica. I’m sure that ratio will not bother many.

It will take at least a month to finish Battlescarred Dragattica.

I won’t try to fundraise until both books are finished, which will give the comic a few more weeks to grow.

Overall, things look good. It would be nice to have a good fundraiser, but I’m not in dire need of it. There are things I need to get done, but nothing at the moment that is pressing. I can continue to put most things off, and everything I can’t put off I can handle, knock on wood. We’re going into winter which is usually more work for me than the summer months are. It takes a lot more time to cut firewood than to mow the lawn. You know if Tesla had just got his wireless electrical system off the ground, I could run electric heaters and draw comics almost all the time. I’ve seen it said that Tesla’s system would have prevented development of the microprocessor though, too much electricity floating around I guess. If that’s true it would be hard for me to do all the comic creation jobs myself. Still, I can’t believe it’s almost 2020 and I am still burning firewood like it is the 1500’s.

Things are looking up though, it will all work out.