The Black Cube of Saturn

This is one of those things where I think there is a “there” there. To some extent it’s normal for artists and writers to unwittingly repeat each other’s work, but on the other hand the black cube is showing up an awful lot, and there is a crazy amount of other occult symbology basically everywhere. It’s rather blatantly in your face, if you know what to look for. I feel safe assuming the cube image in media is intentional most of the time.

While many will find commentator Kingiux’s obvious love for the Jewish people (not really) offensive, he may be on the right path in regards to Sumerian mythology. It’s fairly obvious that the early chapters of Beresheet/Genesis are shortened versions of earlier Sumerian stories. The story of Noah is the story of Atrahasis. I don’t see how there’s any denying it, unless someone wants to argue the devil put the Sumerian tablets in the ground along with the dinosaur bones. It’s possible to argue anything, but maybe it’s also possible that the Bible is telling us to look into Ur of Chaldea – which, as it turns out, is ground zero for the Annunaki. A few miles to one side, you have Urruk, the city of King Gilgamesh; but more importantly, within a day’s walking distance, is Eridu – the first city built on the Earth by Enki, son of Anu, and creator of humanity (in Sumerian mythology). One of the interesting facts about Eridu is that it can’t (or couldn’t, in the time of Abram) be constantly inhabited because the surrounding land is/was poor for agriculture. Where did the people of Eridu go when they weren’t living in Eridu? How about Ur of Chaldea? I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s the next closest city on the maps I’ve seen, and Ur was the wealthiest and most important city in Sumer. It seems likely that’s where the people of Eridu went.

The people of Ur had a temple to the god Nanna, but the temple of Enki was only a few miles away.

Is this a coincidence?

Yahweh – Father, Sky God
Anu – Father, Sky God

Jesus – Son of God/Yahweh, associated with water symbology, John 3:5 – “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the
Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”, Water baptism is a key part of Christianity.
Enki – Son, water god.

The Jewish and Christian religions don’t directly map to Sumerian mythology, but after thousands of years I’d expect some changes to be unintentionally, or intentionally made. All the same, I’m potentially seeing a narrative that runs through and connects the story of the Annunaki, with the stories of the Tanakh/Old Testament, into the story of Jesus. I mean, it’s still possible these are just ancient stories that were passed down through the ages and have no basis in fact, except – the Sumerian astronomy was far better than it should have been. I’m not sure we’ve even caught up to them yet. Only in the last two to three hundred years have we learned about the outer planets (inner planets are all clearly visible to the naked eye), but the Sumerians had them mapped thousands of years ago, and had stories about their formation. Astronomers are currently searching for a tenth planet the Sumerian model of the solar system says is there. What will it mean if the tenth planet is found?

The cube of Saturn was only imaged by Voyager in 1981. If it was known in the occult world, or to ancient Sumerians, where did the knowledge come from?

If the cube of Saturn unfolds into a cross (it does), and Saturn is Anu, and/or also Satan, does the symbol of Jesus on the cross mean what Christians think it means? On its own, who does the cross really represent? I’ve read that the cross wasn’t even an early Christian symbol, but became associated with Christianity hundreds of years later, after the Romans adopted Christianity.

On the surface the symbolism appears to be rather mixed up, and I’m not sure what’s going on. The Catholic Paul VI Audience Hall is a clear representation of a serpent’s head, and the serpent is associated with both Enki and the devil. The upright cross is associated with Jesus, but also Anu/Saturn/Satan. The inverted cross is typically seen as Satanic, but is also the Cross of Saint Peter and is used by the Vatican.

If I had to step back from pre-conceived notions and the beliefs I was raised with, I’d note that the Sumerian mythology reads as a bunch of squabbling politicians trying to manage labor issues and, with the typical competence of politicians managing a big project, creating a helluva mess for themselves.

The Sumerian gods could plausibly be an earlier hominid with more advanced technology. It only took Homo Sapiens Sapiens a few thousand years to go from cave-dwelling to sending a space probe outside of the solar system. The Earth could have spawned many other hominids who had the time to build advanced civilizations and make it into space. Or perhaps the Sumerian stories are right and the Annunaki hominid came here from space and created Homo Sapiens Sapiens from a mix of their DNA and the DNA of a native primate.

The non-super natural explanation won’t sit well with a great many people, and maybe that’s why we can’t get disclosure (if there’s anything to disclose) and technology advancement was remarkably stagnant from the Sixties to the Oughts. It’s self-evident that most religious people won’t want to accept that they were created by aliens, or an earlier Earth hominid, for the purpose of mining gold. That the Creator was a genetic engineer and would be the serpent/Satan/devil in their religion. That they are caught not in a struggle between the devil and God, but a struggle between the Father and the Son. Who also are another member of genus Homo, be it from Earth or outer space. Looking at the pieces though, that might be it. Not what I would have wanted, but there it is.

I really need to get back to work now.