It was more than I thought. A lot more. The number I heard before was 30k U.S. per issue, which seemed far too good to be true. That’s over a $1000 a page, for something I taught myself to do. But no, check out this interview with Todd Mcfarlane at the 15:30 mark –

Half a million dollars for 22 pages by a new artist! That’s almost $23,000 a page, for a day’s work! A comic artist should be able to get a page done in 5 hours, although I think as we saw even the best Image artists rarely got their books done on a monthly basis, but still, if you could hit the 5 hour ideal – $4,500 an hour! That’s like $9,000 an hour in 2019! No education, no sports injuries, money that would make most doctors and lawyers shit themselves. No celebrity stalkers because most people don’t know who you are. 90’s Image artist was one of the best jobs there has ever been.