So much for my mid week update – this one turned into a two page spread.

I’ve been watching videos from a couple former k-pop idol trainees –

Jessica Lee –

Grazy Grace –

I can see some issues with trying to do a K-pop style girl group in the west. The K-pop industry starts these girls out so young. Jessica started out at 13. Moa and Yui (not K-pop but the Japanese idol industry is similar) from Babymetal started training at 10. That’s not something I want to be involved with, but if you don’t have those years of training you end up with a group like Kaachi taking flak because they aren’t good. But if you start with older girls, they’ll age out of it in a few years. I think there’s more wiggle room on that in the west, but my characters are all unaging robots who look like they’re in the late teens, early twenties area. Having older women play them sounds like a recipe for failure.

One solution may be to recast often. “Way of the Waifu” would be halfway between a play and a band, and plays don’t keep the same cast forever. If people are told in advance, will they accept the next cast? It would help me out if didn’t need the full package of singing and dancing right off the bat. I’m only in a position to do modest things, and that may never change. Here’s a Twitter thread about the true nature of the music industry –

I’d bet the rest of the entertainment industry is the same. Everything is locked down. The few people who get in are the ones willing to do things I’d never be willing to do. With that in mind, I have to invest modestly in my creative efforts because it’s likely I’ll never see a return on them.